Welcome To Our Coaching Corner 

Our Coaching Partners offer both LIVE Virtual Coaching and On-demand Programing.  Maintain your wellness at home and enjoy our wellness coaches offering at-home services.

Participate in our Wellness Break 360 weekly summer series events LIVE and connect with our coaching partners, as well as receiving bonus strategy session sign-up opportunities.

Yoga by the Ocean


-Harmony Family Yoga

Harmony Family Yoga offers on-demand Yoga, Meditation and Sound Bath for children, adults and family.

Programs promote a healthy lifestyle, calmer mind and more harmony in relationships.


Passion Fruit Juice

Emem Brown,


Certified Physician Assistant

Certified Health Coach

Wellness Advocate

Specializing in:  Pinpointing health deficits, establishing healthy eating habits, adopting a healthy lifestyle, personalized wellness plan development.

Services:  Complimentary consultation to assist in developing SMART health-related goals we find difficult to achieve.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ellie Gordon, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ellie Afshar is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and her area of expertise is in Lifestyle and Herbs.  Programs include both in-person and virtual.  For coaching sessions, please visit her website.

Running Shoes

Charles Rick

Founding Instructor "CityRow"

Virtual and On-demand programming available.  Contact CityRow of Westlake Village,CA for virtual programming available.

Marnie Schallert,

C.H.C, N.E.

Chronically Well Coaching

Marnie is a certified Wellness Coach and Nutritionist who help women solve the mystery of their health and go from just "surviving" to "thriving" again in their lives.  Marnie can help you get free from symptoms, release mental and emotional patterns that keep you stuck, and develop self-care habits that will make the biggest improvement in your overall health and happiness.

For a complimentary session to draft your personalized Chronically Well lifestyle plan to go.

Gina Banic

Health & Self-Love Coach

Gina helps people with body image issues to find true love from the inside out.

Motto: my body is my temple

Follow on Facebook: @ginasworld1


Zen Stones

Cami Coss

Co-Founder of Heart Medicine Ceremonies

Came works with energy of the heart.  Infusing healing sessions with Reiki, sound healing, and meditation.  She also works with tarot cards.  Came is a registered yoga instructor with over 500 hours of training, as well as reiki practitioner and certified sound healer.

Solo and small group private ceremonies are available.  These offerings are catered to what energies are present and what areas are desired to be worked on.

Tai Chi

Jenny Mosely

My British Trainer

NASM certified personal trainer, Tai Chi, and Qigong Instructor. Other specializations in Women's Fitness, Senior Fitness, Ante and Post Natal Exercise, Mindfulness Stress Reduction Coaching, and Meditation Guide.

Currently offering private 1 hour or 30 minute virtual sessions.  Also offering FREE 15 Minute Guided Meditation to Reduce Anxiety every Sunday at 9PM, and a FREE 25 Minutes of Tai Chi/Qigong every Tuesday morning at 10AM.  Subscribe to website to receive links:  www.mybritishtrainer.com


Youtube, here.

Elena Rybko, MA, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Elena is a psychotherapist helping people with a wide variety of emotional issues and relationship problems.  elena specializes on helping people improve their relationship with food, body image, and exercise.

Currently, Elena is offering online, as well as in-office series to her clients.

Lisa West

Lisa is a Physical Therapist and holistic bodyworker specializing in Craniosacral and Myofascial Release with an emphasis on trauma and the nervous system.  She is also a seasoned yoga teacher and author of the book, "Follow the Feeling:  A Roadmap to Emotional Freedom."

Lisa offers free meditation techniques and YouTube self-care videos as well as a blog on her website.

Website:  www.lisawestwellness.com

Link to book on Amazon, here.

YouTube, here.


Adrianna F. Schatz

Founder & Chef of Allergy Schatz:  Great Tasting Allergy-Friendly Food

Expert in Healthy Living, Food Allergy Awareness, and Allergy Friendly Eating. Guiding you through healthy living and a food allergy diagnosis.  Providing tips, strategies, resources, and support for friends and family of the allergy community.

email: info@allergyschatz.com

Instagram/FB @AllergySchatz

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Jen Russman, CHHC

Energy healer

Advocate for self healing and mental health

Bioenergetic frequency specialist, and specializes in helping women release emotional, energetic attachments to trauma and the past.









•Facebook group:

Women’s Healing and Spiritual Empowerment





Brianne Cohen

Event Producer & Wine Educator

Brianne is an expert in Event Production and Wine Education


Services include Public and Private Virtual Vino online wine tastings (click link below to read more and to book!)


-Website links: https://briannecohen.com/wine/

Sunset Dinner

Chef Elizabeth of Cafe LĒZA

Chef Elizabeth of Cafe LĒZA an is an Expert on Cali-Mediterranean Lifestyle, Food and Pastry.